Blizzara dot org, fool.

Well, about time. Welcome to, blah blah blah. You're probably anticipating some incredibly witty introduction, or waiting for me come up with an elaborate speech as to why you're here so I can take up as much space as possible. Or perhaps you're waiting for me to make a typo (What? Use spellcheck? Screw spellcheck). Hey, things happen. Anyway, welcome to the Diamond Dust Network, a lame excuse for a small collection of sites that I create because I have nothing better to do. I'm Stefi, but that doesn't really matter.

So then, I'll stop wasting your time and instead intrest you in the links to the right left. I'm kind of lazy, so some stuff might not work. In any case, you can email me or something if it bugs you that much (which I highly doubt it will). As always, enjoy browsing, don't get your hopes too high, and try not to expect anything magnificent. Carry on!

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